Mobileuncle MTK Tools Download for Any Android Device

Mobileuncle MTK Tools Download is the best app to activate many extra features on your MediaTek android phone or tablet

MobileUncle MTK Tools is an Android application which allows the user to access advanced settings (i.e the service mode) on an MTK device easily. MTK is an acronym for MediaTek. It is a fables company based in Taiwan, a major designer and distributor of technology products. We have all the versions of MobileUncle tools (.apk) here, hence we advise that you to visit MobileUncle tools download page here, install on your device and be able to improve your device performance.

Mobileuncle Tools Download for Android

Download Mobileuncle MTK Tools v3.0.0 Android

Mobileuncle Tools Download for Android

Major Features of MobileUncle Tools app:

The application provides the following;

Information About The Device: The device information such as CPU, Mobile Ids, Kernel info, IMEI numbers, OS info, device number, screen info, MTD, RAM, ROM and SD card info are displayed by MobileUncle tools.

The Engineering Mode: Through this feature, you can adjust the device volume, read and write IMEI numbers, test hardware, check logs and debugging.

Reboot To Recovery Mode: This is another way of rebooting the phone into recovery mode. It is easier than using the volume and power button keys combination. By using “Reboot To Recovery” feature of MobileUncle tools, your device can easily be rebooted into recovery mode.

The Update Tool: The stock ROM (OTA) can be updated by using this feature. To update the stock ROM, copy the zip file on the SD card and tap on the update tool.

The Backup and Restore IMEI feature: This feature is used to either backup or restore the device’s IMEI number. It serves as a way of retrieving IMEI number when it gets corrupted. Applications can also be installed or moved to the SD card memory by using MobileUncle tools.

HOW CAN I INSTALL MobileUncle Tools App?

After reading through the features of MobileUncle Tools App, I bet you are in a hurry to download it.

To install the app, follow the following procedures.

  1. Click on the download links provided on this page to download the application. For better user experience, it is important to download the latest version.
  2. Copy the app into internal storage or external SD card storage depending on your choice.
  3. To be able to install the app, go to system settings, tap on the security tab, and click on the unknown sources box.
  4. Go to the location the downloaded app is stored and tap on it to install.

MobileUncle MTK Tools Screenshots

mobileuncle tools screenshots

mobileuncle tools screenshot

MoblieUncle Tools Download Video Tutorial for How to install and use on any Android

Visit Download Section for the latest version of MoblieUncle Tools Download. Stay in touch for future updates, Enjoy.